Ten Pointers For Garage Door Safety

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Whether you use your garage for storage, home projects, or play, safety and security is always a challenge. Children may run in and out to access their basketballs, skateboards, and bicycles. If you like to tinker with electrical gadgets, you could have your workshop here. Of course, your car will occupy the major part of your garage.

Here are ten pointers for garage safety-

1. The opener control button should be kept away from small children. Ensure that it is in a high place, so that tiny arms are unable to reach it.

2. Coach your children so that they know that they're not supposed to play with the controls. Otherwise, tragedies like the family pet being run over can take place.

3. Read the manual, and know how to use the emergency release feature. In case there is a power outage, you will still be able to enter your garage.

4. Make it a habit to take a close look at your garage door on a monthly basis. Springs, rollers, cables, and pulleys are vulnerable so visually inspect them for signs of wear and tear. Rather than attempting to repair them yourself, call in a trained technician.

5. If your opener does not have auto-reverse, test it every month. Place a row of paper towels in the path of the door. If it does not reverse after making contact with the object, call a professional repairman.

6. Explain the dangers of placing fingers between door sections to children. In case you have small children, pick one which has panels that cannot pinch.

7. Don't leave the garage door partly open, as it can travel downward and make contact with an item in its path, if you activate the control.

8. If you are going out of town on a holiday, unplug the opener. Alternatively, you can use a vacation lock console security switch. This will render remotes unusable, and is usually an optional accessory.

9. Keep changing the standard access codes on the opener and remote control, if your opener does not have rolling-code technology.

10. Never leave the remote control in your vehicle or with a parking attendant. Use a key chain remote for added security.

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Ten Pointers For Garage Door Safety

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This article was published on 2011/04/09