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Sliding garage doors are the suitable substitute to the ordinary overhead garage door we are familiar with. As with any other door installation, this should also be carried out with attention to detail. If you are a fix it all guy and have a way with tools to the extent of having performed complex installations before, this installation will not be a problem for you. But if is not the case, then it is advisable to avail the assistance of a professional.

For the installation you need:

  • The sliding garage door
  • The track
  • A screwdriver
  • Hardware like nuts and bolts
  • A drill for drilling holes
  • Level gauge
  • Ladder
  • Tape for measuring
  • Pencil for marking
  • Glue suitable for wood
  • Manufacturer’s instruction manual
  • A helper (recommended)

The first step in the installation is the setting up and alignment of track. Once aligned straight, position for pilot holes need to be marked for drilling using a pencil. Once the top rack position is marked repeat the same steps for the bottom rack. When done, make sure the markings match with the space requirements and the alignments of top and bottom rack are in sync. With that established, drill the pilot holes in the positions marked for inserting the screws that will hold the mounted track in position.

Once all the drilling is finished, the next task in line is to mount the track. It is advisable to enlist the use of a helper for this task. Now with the assistance of the helper set the track in place. Once positioned, you can start installing the screws as required. Before placing each screw pour a drop of glue into each hole to make sure that the fix is stable and tight. Once the track is in place repeat all the above steps for the next track.

For some models of sliding garage door, there will be vertical tracks to ensure an even stable frame. In such cases, those vertical tracks can be installed the same way as the top and bottom tracks.

Once all the tracks are installed correctly, one can proceed to the task of installation of the garage gate. Sliding door systems usually has two doors, where one slides behind the other to open Having a helper to assist you will be a good option as garage doors are infamous for its heaviness and lifting it can be an elephantine task. In some models, the doors come in sections. In such cases install the bottom piece or the one without any hinge first and then move on to the remaining pieces one by one securing the hinges where ever necessary.

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Sliding Garage Door Installation

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This article was published on 2011/09/04