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Sectional garages are an option for many. They provide an alternative to the typical construction of this space. Whether it is needed for storage or parking your car, this can be a choice that is less expensive than the conventional garage as well as the time that it takes for construction. In addition, they are more easily movable. With a conventional garage, you would have to completely dismantle the garage and build it at the new location.


Sectional garages are made using panels. The panels consist of blocks that are fitted together. Some have panels that interlock to create a tight fit as well as being stronger when it comes to wind and they are less likely to leak. If you are thinking they may not fit in with the outside décor of your home, this is not true. Many may be purchased with a variety of finishes. Varied looks can be achieved by using this material as well. There are a number of colours that can be used to fit the décor of the home where the garage will be constructed.


The use of a flat brick finish will give your garage the look of real brick and it is not nearly as expensive as the real thing. There are a number of finishes that can be used and this does not affect the portability. In fact, when choosing sectional garages, they are easier to move. They may be moved further up a driveway to make more room or for extra parking space. They can be moved from one side of the property to another if you wish.


The look is not compromised by the portability. Sectional garages can have coloured fascias, the roof tiles can match the home, the doors and windows can be chosen from a variety that will enhance the look. Automatic doors may be used. There are various choices that include options that will allow your sectional garage to look just as good as or better than a conventional garage.


All of this and the option of moving a sectional garage make this one of the more popular choices today. The size is another advantage. There are several from which to choose that will allow practically any type of vehicle to be parked inside. With the many improvements that have been made to sectional garages, they are sturdier today than in the past. Their resistance to theft is one of the improvements. The material used is not easy to penetrate, which makes them less susceptible to thieves who may try to disengage bolts to gain entry.


If you choose a sectional garage and decide you want to move it to another area, they are mobile. Moving a sectional garage across town to another location is not a problem. The ease of set-up once you have it to the new location is just as simple as it was originally. When it comes to building a conventional garage, once it is constructed in one area, it is there to stay. 

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Moving a Sectional Garage

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This article was published on 2011/09/17