Garage Doors - Know Your Options

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If you are considering changing your garage door around a bit, or even getting an entirely new one, you should think about a few details. Think about the choices you have before perusing garage doors that will set your home apart.

Not many people think about garage doors, as they assume that most are very similar and that they do not have a choice in the matter. However, you should know that this part of your house actually is a great way to be a little unique. Altering the door that your house comes with can add some customization to your home. Find out what is available before you shop.

One of the most popular kinds of garage doors is made of steel, which is known for being durable and quite low maintenance. It is also usually considered energy-efficient since a steel door is usually insulated, allowing you to keep out the cold or heat better than other materials. Typically, you do not have to paint this kind of material, which is part of what makes it low maintenance. However, you can choose to paint it if you want to add some color instead of keeping it the usual gray or white shade.

Another popular kind of door is made of wood. This is usually higher maintenance than steel since it is often painted and needs to be painted again at least every few years to keep the color looking good. It also tends to warp if it gets wet or has to stand up to intense humidity, so don’t consider this if you live in an area where it snows or rains often, or even gets humid during the summer. If you live in such a place but still like the look of wooden garage doors, you can typically apply a coat of protective sealant that can help waterproof the material.

No matter which of these garage doors you select, you have plenty of options. Once you choose the material you want most, you can start adding unique features. For example, either wood or steel garage doors can come with the carriage house look, which makes it look like the opening of a barn. Many people like this style since it is unique and old-fashioned. You can also add different types of windows, and add various colors depending on your tastes.

Before you decide on the type of door you want, consider your options. Compare the look of steel and wood, and then begin choosing the colors and features you think would look best. The choice is yours, and the result of these decisions should be a house that looks attractive to guests and reflects your tastes.

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Garage Doors - Know Your Options

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This article was published on 2010/08/12