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Choosing new or replacement garage doors is something that should be done carefully, as it can be a major household expense. Selecting a high quality door that will last for many years should be a priority, as well as ensuring its ease of use and compatibility with your home.

Garage doors are available in many different styles and colours to co-ordinate with your home, complementing existing features. Panel style doors are popular, suiting many types of house. Spend some time looking around the other homes in your area, noting the style and colour, to decide which garage doors best complement the type of houses in your area.

Deciding how the garage doors will open is another factor. If you choose garage doors that operate automatically, either with a remote control or a keypad that requires a PIN, you will expect to pay more for your garage doors but will find them much easier to operate. Remote controlled garage doors give you the luxury of not getting out of the car on a cold, icy day. This option is also useful if you are not physically as strong as you would like, or perhaps age may become a factor in years to come. Having a tilt-up garage door will require extra space in your garage to allow for the door swinging out. If your garage space is already small, this may not be advisable.

Maintenance of the garage doors is something that should be considered carefully. Wood will require regular painting to stain and seal it, preventing the wood from rotting in bad weather. Here at Wickes we stock garage doors made from Glass Reinforced Polyester, which is strong and extremely durable. With this material you will only have to wipe your garage doors clean occasionally. The material doesn't rust or split, reducing the requirement for painting and frequent replacement.

Some garage doors are available with windows in them. This looks attractive and may complement your home, but the security may be at risk as the windows enable prowlers to view the contents of your garage. This option also adds to the overall price.

The price of your garage doors is going to be a prime consideration, but this should be weighed up against the durability factor. Purchasing a garage door of a cost effective, higher quality material is possible if you use a reputable store. The cost of installation should be factored into the price, unless you are confident enough to install the door yourself. A simple up and over mechanism with a remote control is relatively simple, especially if you purchase from a reputable DIY store where you may find information to help you.

If you decide to sell your home, a door that requires regular maintenance as well as being a distinctive colour may put off buyers who are looking for a durable, simple to operate garage door. Most garage doors can be painted any colour you wish, but a simple white finish in high-gloss paint is effective, and will complement your home and surrounding houses.

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Garage Doors

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This article was published on 2010/11/20