A Garage Storage Rack

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When people take a look at their garage and try and determine how to get more storage space out of it they always look to the ceiling. Planning on building garage ceiling storage is not always the most effective way of getting the most out of your garage. Maybe you should look to garage wall storage as an effective alternative to spending a great deal of time, money, and effort in remodeling the ceiling and roof of your garage.

A garage storage rack is an effective and inexpensive way of getting the most of your wall space and if you install a garage storage rack correctly you can store almost anything from it. I have seen people put their lawnmowers up on the garage storage rack with no problem at all. Bicycles get up and out of the way and all kinds of gardening tools suddenly have a safe place to be stored but yet still have easy access. So before you go hammering into your garage roof and ceiling to create more storage maybe you should look to the walls and find the many effective uses of a garage storage rack as a garage storage alternative.

Hanging a garage storage rack is just like hanging anything else that will be called on to support a great deal of weight. When you are installing a shelf that you know will be carrying a great deal of weight, or when you are installing kitchen cabinets, you always look to find the wall stud to mount them to. If your garage is finished then never install a garage storage rack directly into the drywall even if you use anchors. You should always look to mount a garage storage rack directly into the wooden studs in your garage to avoid any problems. An unfinished garage makes this process much easier.

Limitless Possibilities

A garage storage rack has many uses beyond just hanging some hoses or some garden tools from it. If properly mounted you can use it to store tires, lumber, car parts, and even concrete blocks. But always make sure your garage storage rack is securely installed before you add any great weight to it. A garage storage rack is not very effective if it gets pulled out of the wall trying to do its job! So explore the possibilities but always be careful that you take precautions so that you and others do not get injured.

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A Garage Storage Rack

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This article was published on 2010/11/04